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Relevant video content and animation for brands with something worth saying

We create animated video content for brands and organizations who want to get their story across in an appealing way. Founded by journalists and filmmakers, Peppermint uses animation to improve communications and make it clearer, getting to the core of your message faster.

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Brands we are proud to work with

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From why to wow

Clear and effective video marketing and storytelling

Your audience won’t remember much of your data and statistics. What they will remember is how your story made them feel. Our goal is to translate your WHY into fresh and meaningful visual content that engages your audience.

Visual freshness to the rescue

Examples of our work

3D Explainer Video

A 3D explainer video we created for PostNL. To introduce eYouPack, we were asked to come up with a distinctive look for their animated video.

Aon Cyber Risk Explainer

Aon asked us to create an explainer video showing the impact of cyber incidents.

Brand Control Rooms Video

Dutch company Brand Control Rooms asked us to come up with a different kind of corporate video.

Lonza Wood Protection

Lonza Wood Protection asked us to visualize the power of their wood protection products in a compelling and attractive 3D animation.


We love our clients and they love us too!

Mark de Loose
Marketing Manager

“We're very positive about this animated video. Form and function are both well received.”